SERVE-ing Those in Need

Public Service: a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions. That’s what SERVE was all about. It highlighted the need for us, as professionals, to give back to the community that we live in. That’s exactly what Ad 2 Orlando has done.

Last year, a group of eight young professionals spent countless hours of their free time, sacrificing any hope at a social life, to give back in a huge way. We’re talking about a complete campaign valued at over $1.7 million. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

So what, exactly, was SERVE? It was a look at the past and a glimpse into the future, with a few jokes thrown in. Last year, The Center for Great Apes was chosen as the beneficiary for the public service campaign. We were shown nine months of hard work, crammed into a one-hour presentation. We heard stories about how Linus ,one of the featured apes, loves to sit in the rain after he was trapped in a cage for 10 years, how Marco and Butch became inseparable best friends, and how Mari has adapted to life without arms.

I think just about everyone in the room that night fought back the urge to cry at some point during the presentation – whether is was from hearing the stories of how these apes survived horrible living situations or from the thought of hearing Wayne crack one more cheesy joke. I won’t even mention the 97 times he referred to his co-chair as “Sexy Pete.”

The bottom line is that SERVE had a purpose: to open our eyes to the needs of others. We’ve all heard the excuses of why people don’t give back, usually it’s because they don’t have the time or the money. I’m no exception to this rule. Right now, Pet Rescue by Judy is in desperate need of help. (Can you tell by the web site?) This organization is helping those who can’t help themselves – pets who have been abandoned and abused. Seeing Judy tear up at the thought of complete strangers pulling together, to provide her with the help she needs, warmed my heart.

SERVE definitely served its purpose – it opened my eyes to the needs of others and showed me how I could help.  After all, I do love animals, so I signed up for the new volunteer initiative. It’s just a small way of giving back and, in return, gaining a cleverly designed T-shirt titled “glAD 2 help”.

Amber Bloom

New Ad 2 Orlando Member and Public Service Advocate

The Auction as Remembered by Jon and Justin

Chapter 1: Welcome, Please Leave.

Our night at the 2010 Ad 2 Media Auction began like any other.  Apparently there were multiple events occurring simultaneously, one of which had a strict no-jeans policy. I chose the door on the left, or as I call it, the blue pill. I should have mentioned that I was there for the Ad 2 event and that I was pretty sure penguin attire was not required. Door number two provided a polite hostess who directed us towards auction ecstasy.

Chapter 2: Beer Me

Once inside, I introduced myself to the drink menu. One Peroni. One Stella. Nice selection, Crave.

Chapter 3: Hey Lindsey!

“Nice to meet you Lindsey Levy, no it’s actually pronounced sis-lee, not sissy”. I cried. And I’m not a sissy. Agreed.

smoke break…

Chapter 4: Tattoos and Gunpowder

Drinking on the patio was great, but time to be social. No better icebreaker than tattoos – nice meeting you Ryan Pesch. While Ryan and I were busy discussing our personal art, Jon had the opportunity to meet with Tiffany Ryan of Orlampa/Acropolis. Jon was quick to discuss his recently acquired golf package at Alaqua (seriously reaching for street cred) while Tiffany was quick to discuss her successful marriage and recent appointment to President-Elect, congrats!

Chapter 5: Well, MY odds are good.

Raffle? Apparently this excited Jon, who decided to purchase three tickets in a shady back-alley deal. This immediately sent him into his past raffle winnings in the form of a montage flashback, which drops in December. Before exiting the building to place his prized package safely inside his truck, he attempted handing me the raffle tickets. I gracefully declined touching them. Agreed smoke break…

Chapter 6: Connect Four, I don’t count Jon.

After safely storing the meal ticket for our presence, Jon ran into Patrick Davidson of Nitesol, Inc. They have recently done some joint custom print work and played kickball together. !SUDDENLY!, Kristina Doyle from Purple, Rock, Scissors and Lawrie Talansky from Acropolis began relentlessly flirting with us (it was actually the other way around). Sidebar: Purple, Rock, Scissors is responsible for brand discovery and design for the Downtown Orlando Development Board, a campaign which coincidentally, Jon has done print work for. It’s a small restaurant.

Chapter 7: “Keep This Coupon” 732574

Free Willy? Whatever, you had to be there. At this point, we’re two tabs deep when Kristen Zucks declares Jon a winner of the raffle, awarding him a $25 gift certificate to Brio and thus stroking his already-massive ego with yet another miraculous bingo-style win. Jon’s currently in intense training to become a competitive raffler. (And he goes to Rachel’s a lot. There, I said it. Call them car shows, I don’t believe you.)

Chapter 8: Sliders (delicious).

While most of the members decided to call it an evening, a few of us stayed back to grab a table and have what I would call a very uppity meal choice – cheeseburger sliders.  You know it’s a good time when your second tab arrives, which we totally paid after an extensive manhunt.

Chapter 9: For Serious

Our first official Ad 2 experience was an absolute pleasure. We were thankful to be a part of this event and look forward to being active members in this fun and professional environment. We would also like to take this time to personally thank

Crave Restaurant for their generous hospitality and fantastic beverage selection. Thanks for having us, Ad 2!

Justin Sisley

Creative Director

Sign and Drive Marketing

Ahhhh, My First Time

I’ll never forget my first time.  There were a couple of beers to start it all off, the surprisingly comforting soundtrack of laughter in the background, and plenty of welcoming, friendly people to ease me in and explain how it all works…

Ad 2 Orlando’s New Year Kick Off Social was a huge success!

I chose to get fully involved with the process and take a board position on Ad 2.  Go big or go home, right?  Until this first event, most of the time I’d spent with Ad 2 was in the confines of a board room discussing what we were going to do and working in the field trying to fill sponsorship positions.  Man, was it a lot of work.  More than I’d ever seen go into a networking/volunteer group.  I’d also never seen the results of that amount of work going into a networking/volunteer group.  There’s a reason why this group won so many national awards last year!

The night started off with a couple of tasty brews from Orlando Brewing, Co. and a tour of the brewery to experience the magic of beer-making.  The Red Ale goes down nicely!  After a few short handshakes and introductions, I felt like I’d been a part of Ad2 for years.  Every member was a young professional that would like to further their career in Advertising.  They’re all employed by Central Florida’s Ad Agencies, Media Outlets, and various other types of companies that all share the same passion for Advertising.  I was able to toss around a few ideas with fellow colleagues that I never would have met without Ad 2.  It all felt more like a happy hour with friends than a networking event.

After learning about the upcoming Ad 2 Orlando season I’m excited to roll up the sleeves and get to work again, make it out to a conference and hear seminars by long-time professionals in the field, fill that warm-fuzzy void by helping out a non-profit, and come on… Kickball tournaments?  I’ll dominate a kickball tournament.

-Dave Waring, Ad 2 Orlando Sponsorship Chair, and Account Manager at WOM-XFM Mix 105.1

Holy Full Ad 2 Schedule!

It’s our first month of the new year… and we started it off on the right foot… and then the left… and then we started sprinting! With a lot of budgeting, scheduling and party planning, your board of directors have worked very hard to fill your calendar with great events! As you’ll see below, some are fun, some are educational, some career-building and most will be offering lots of drinks!

Take a look, jot them down in your calendar and keep a lookout for updates in our bi-weekly newsletter. Not on the email list? Click here to sign up!

Upcoming events and important dates:

Ad 2 New Year Kick Off at Orlando Brewing. On Thursday, August 12th we will be offering $10 off your Ad 2 Memberships. This is also your chance to meet this year’s board of directors, find out about our plans for the year and sign up for committees. Oh yea, you can also take a tour of Orlando’s very own brewery and mingle advertising professionals and their friends.

Ad 2 Orlando 2010-2011 Public Service Campaign – We are now accepting applications from non-profits to be the beneficiary of this year’s campaign. Applications are due before August 25.

The Ad 2 Orlando Media Auction continues! Calling all bidders! The online auction will continue on from August 16th to 25th. Get 75-90% off media, gift cards, services and more!

More-Than-Media Mingle – Donors and winners are invited on August 26th to Crave by Mall of Millenia at 6pm. Pick up your winning items from the auction and have a coctail to celebrate!

Ad 2 Orlando Kickball Tshirt Competition – Win this competition and have all of the players at this annual event wear your shirt! Enter by emailing your design by September 3rd to

SERVE – An Ad 2 Program and Fundraiser on September 23rd at 6pm. Join us at the Orlando Science Center to learn more about our public service initiative, see last year’s campaign for The Center for Great Apes and sign-up to help one lucky non-profit this year.

Government Relations Program Learn more about legislative issues affecting the advertising industry and its future with 4th District AAF Lobbyist, Jack Hebert, on November 11th.

Annual Kickball Tournament – Four Teams, Two Games, One Winner. Grab your face paint and sweatbands and keep on the lookout for our third annual Ad 2 Orlando Kickball Tournament in mid October. Details coming soon.

Orlando Weekly Donates to Media Auction

Orlando Weekly, the city’s largest weekly publication, is one of the first donors of ad space in this year’s Ad 2 Media Auction! They are nice enough to donate four (4) one-eighth page, full color ads in Orlando Weekly, which is incredible frequency!

Orlando Weekly, who specializes as an alternative source for news, views, arts and entertainment, will be the recipient of 2 tickets to our Auction Wrap-Up event, a logo/link on the Ad 2 Orlando website, and will be included in our enewsletter and blog! (but you knew that, since you’re reading this)

Thank you Orlando Weekly, for stepping up to the plate and contributing to our event! Since this is our primary source of our funding for the year, it’s so important we have more vendors like you participate.

Proceeds go toward our Public Service initiatives, scholarships, member educational programs, and networking events. Also, through their donation, Orlando Weekly is helping to bring together dozens of companies and industries together and with its help, we are creating more publicity for other businesses that make up our community.

If your business is interested in receiving any of the amazing publicity that Orlando Weekly is getting…not to mention all the influential money-spenders attention — aka bidders of the online auction (Aug. 12-26) — please email We’re also accepting much more than media. Gift cards, services (industry and non), lunch dates, etc. Whatever you have — we want it!

Lauren Collie
Media Buyer, Anson-Stoner

New Year, New Board

The Ad 2 Orlando 2010-2011 year has officially begun! Think you have what it takes to make this year even better than last? Ad 2 Orlando is looking for members with strong leadership abilities, and are looking to get involved, to join our board. This is the best way to see what goes on behind the scenes as well as have your voice heard. To learn about all of our committees and descriptions of what they do, please visit the following link:

The open board positions for the 2010-2011 year are:

+ Public Relations (1 Chair)
+ Socials (1 Co-Chair)
+ Programs (1 Co-Chair)
+ Education (2 Co-Chairs)
+ Diversity (1 Co-Chair)
+ Sponsorship (2 Co-Chairs)

If you are interested in taking a position or have any questions please e-mail Ad 2 Orlando president, Jennifer Gammichia, at

It is going to be an incredible year and we want you to be a part of it with us.

– Your Executive Committee

“Hi, I’m Tiffany Ryan from Ad 2 Orlampa.”

That’s how I introduced myself to people last weekend at the American Advertising Federation National Conference.

As both a recent transplant to Orlando and still an active board member of Ad 2 Tampa Bay this national conference was a very unique experience for me. First, it was being held right here in Orlando, and second I was competing in the Public Service Competition for Ad 2 Tampa Bay, and third I am still trying to get to know all of the people who make up the fabulous Ad 2 and AAF Orlando clubs.

We were lucky enough to have the national conference this year in our very own city. Members from all over the country converged on the Hilton Bonnet Creek for workshops, district meetings, election of officers and much more.

One of the highlights as an Ad 2 member was getting to attend the business and board meetings and meet the outgoing and incoming national board. These people are our representatives in the AAF. We were also able to vote on where the mid-year retreat would be located…Phoenix here we come!

There was also an idea exchange in which all the Ad 2 members got together to share what works for their club and get advice from other clubs on things they may not have figured out yet.

OH! I almost forgot the most amazing part. If you haven’t met Kate and Carl from Ad 2 Tampa Bay they are great people. During the Salute to Achievers lunch Carl proposed to Kate in front of the entire ballroom while accepting the award for Ad 2 Club of the Year. It was amazing and we wish them all the happiness in the world!

The happy couple

Anything can happen at a conference. If you can ever get to a conference I highly recommend it!

Find Your Creative Muse

So you’re thinking about attending some of the events at the AAF National Conference this week? I can tell you its a great idea because I had my first AAF/Ad 2 conference experience in April and it was awesome.

Jennifer Gammichia, Susan Watts, Lindsey Levy, and myself all made the not-so-far journey over to Tampa for the 4th District AAF Conference: Find Your Creative Muse. I was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, what to wear, what to bring and all the other things girls worry about before an event. I was pleasantly surprised by the fun, casual nature of the conference. Everyone was so friendly and willing to exchange ideas. The speakers were excellent as well.

To kick off the conference, Friday’s luncheon speaker was Sally Hogshead and many of us had already taken her personality assessment online to find out our Fascination Score. Currently, I am reading her book and would recommend to anyone looking to make themselves more fascinating.

Now to the stuff you really want to know… what happened Friday night when all of the crazy ad geeks took over Ybor City in Tampa…

Too much booze plus bad singing equals an awesome night of kareoke….

Even our new friends from the US Virgin Islands got in on the act…

Of course, Tiffany couldn’t be out sung and had to represent for her old stomping grounds with some “Chinese Chicken” style kareoke!

Saturday morning was a bit rough, but all of the excellent workshops and speakers made it completely worth getting up for. Murray Izzenwaser from Bitztegra did an eye-opening workshop on social media as a tactic to drive revenue for your client’s business. Our lunch speaker was full of comic relief and insightful ways to reach consumers through non-traditional means. Cal McAllister, from Wexley School for Girls kept the whole room laughing throughout the meal.

Finally, it was time for the district ADDY Awards and we had to clean ourselves up. As you can see we clean up pretty nice.

However, our behavior through dinner wasn’t so nice as we began to find our creative muse through some creative boozing…

And our dinner table decor only improved throughout the evening…

All in all, it was a great experience. I cannot wait for the AAF National Conference this week where I am sure there will be much to learn and much to drink…

If this sounds like its up your alley than please come out with us and the other conference attendees this Friday for A Starry Night Out !

-Amy Mierzwinski

Ad 2 Orlando Public Service Fundraiser

In the 9 months of hard work involved in this year’s Public Service campaign, one huge aspect of it that I, as committee co-chair, knew was beyond my ability to pull off was a fundraiser. To make matters more complicated, we happened to choose a client—The Center for Great Apes—that necessitated a larger amount of money to be generated because their operation happened to be larger in scope than what a normal non-profit might be. So after all was said and done, we realized if our project would see a successful end, then we would need to put on a fundraiser that was larger in fundraising potential than what had ever really been attempted in the past.

No big deal right?

I couldn’t do it, and neither could my co-chair. Try as we might, we had no experience in Event Planning, and we were almost half way through the year already.

Enter Lisa Marie Chimento. In the span of four months, she almost single handedly put on not only a spectacular event for the Center for Great Apes, but also an event that’s sure to be a record setter for the amount of money raised in one night for any Ad 2 Orlando fundraiser.

The Team

I couldn’t be more proud and honored than I am today to have worked with such an amazing group of people this year, and Lisa went well beyond our expectations to place herself as one of the clear leaders in this years Public Service effort.

The activities (just to name a few) included all night entertainment, dancing, a silent auction, poker tournaments, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, premium buffet, door prizes, an amazing documentary created by local production company, Big Sky Productions, and of course, the “Hollywood entrance”.

Thanks to Lisa Marie, and to all our 2010 Public Service teammates. Kristina and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with. I’m confident in saying you’ve all earned the respect of the entire Ad 2 Orlando community.

-Wayne Alan Kan, Art Director and 2010 Public Service co-chair

Rally in Tally – Government Relations Represents

Rally in Tally is the most important Government Relations event each year, attended by the 4th District’s AAF and Ad 2 board members. On behalf of Ad 2 Orlando, Jeni Gammichia, Nichole Griffin and Heather Keroes attended as delegates. Over a period of two days, April 6-7, 2010, our team met with a total of 11 Florida House and Senate representatives from the Central Florida area.

Nichole loves to drive. Especially for four hours at a time.

During our meetings with the Senators and Representatives, we were able to thank them for recognizing the valuable role of advertising in stimulating our economy, and for not burdening our industry with new taxes or excessive regulations.

Happy to be at the Rally in Tally reception. And happy to be first in line at the buffet.

Other important topics we covered included two new bills that would further benefit our industry. This included the Film & Entertainment Industry Tax Incentives Bill (Senate Bill 1430 and House Bill 697) and the New Laws for New Media Bill (Senate Bill 1672 and House Bill 867). As the name implies, the Film & Entertainment Industry Tax Incentives Bill is designed to encourage film, video and entertainment production within our state. The New Laws for New Media Bill helps bring political campaign advertising into the 21st century by introducing social media regulations.

Overall, each Senator and House Representative we met were very supportive of advertising and understanding of its role in our economy. They were also pleased to learn of our involvement in the community through our Public Service endeavors—this year with the Center for Great Apes campaign. We invited them to attend the gala, which is being held April 24.

The AAF and Ad 2 Orlando delegates, getting chummy with House Representative Mike Horner.

Jack Herbert, our 4th District lobbyist, was also in attendance, and we had the opportunity to invite him to address our members at a future program—an invitation he accepted.

We are proud to say that this was a highly successful Rally in Tally and we look forward to further strengthening our relationships with our local legislators.