Diversity: Shake it Then Stir

Yoma Edwin
This will be the first in a series of posts that I will be bringing to you on my prospective on diversity in advertising for young professionals in Orlando.  This is also my official introduction as the new Diversity Chair of Ad 2 Orlando. I am honored that the board has chosen me for this awesome position.

Diversity for many is like an exotic drink that most would like to try but when it all comes down to it, they feel more comfortable with just a regular beer because that keeps them in their comfort zone. Take me for instance, I am a 6’3 220+ black guy that loves Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Ingrid Michaelson and still thinks Tupac is alive and living in Guam.  

However, unless you allow yourself to know me without first assuming that we may not have anything alike because of my color, your color, my BMW or your Prius, then you will fail to realize that we are all connected. The only reason we even have a Diversity committee and not a “Just People” committee is because we allow assumptions, culture, race and friends to dictate our ability to connect without first learning. If you would first learn a person no matter what their differences, it would allow you to become people diverse which would then be reflected in your advertising messages and networking. I challenge you to shake up the status quo; become diverse and befriend someone that is outside your usual network.

Smile & Always Think Positive!