You’re Next

You’re approaching the finish line! Which really means, you’re about to start another marathon. But not to worry, Ad 2 Orlando is here to help you prepare for the next race.

Be sure to celebrate – graduating college is a major accomplishment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Breathe, you made it!

Job hunting can be overwhelming, so we want to share some tips that may help before you start applying your search is a little less stressful:

Create ONE Email You ONLY Use for Job Hunting

This will help you keep track of everything and record responses in a timely manner. There’s nothing worse than applying for a job and trying to find the confirmation email while sorting through retail coupons for free chips and queso at Chipotle. I find Gmail works best since you have access to Google docs, Google calendar, etc. There are plenty of email platforms to choose from, so do a bit of research and find what works best for you.

Track Jobs You’ve Applied For

At a certain point – they all start to blend. We recommend using a Google sheet or Excel document to keep track of all jobs you’ve applied for. Make columns such as “Company Name”, “Job Title”, “Date Applied”, “Follow Up” and a notes section. This way you have all jobs in one place and you can keep track, so you won’t be unsure if you’ve applied to something already. It also helps with follow ups – some places say specifically, ‘please do not call’ so you can make note of that, or if you receive an email for an interview you can mark off that you’ve followed up or scheduled something with that company. See our example below and become a member to access our template.

Take Notes on Both the Companies and Jobs You Apply For

It’s easy to forget which company has what after you’ve applied to 30+ jobs. Take notes about the company ahead of time so you have some information to review prior to an interview. Having insight about the company will help you during your interview. Be detailed – add this into your spreadsheet along with their website links!


Find jobs, stay up to date in the industry and continue learning as you grow. Check out the following websites:

Job Links

  • – Check out employee reviews on companies you’re applying for here, too.
  • LinkedIn Jobs – They have an ‘easy apply’ for some jobs – you can search by using their jobs tab and typing in your zip code. I also recommend following companies you’re interested in on LinkedIn, this way you’re able to see when job listings are posted. They also have a feature on there now to add ‘open to work’ on your profile picture. I would even include it in your bio so workers know you’re interested and seeking.

Join Alumni Groups

Industry Resources

We hope you found this helpful – if you have anything else to add or have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.