Lets Get This Party Started

So, we recently hosted our Membership Kick-off event and there’s no doubt we’re feeling great about this year’s Ad 2 Orlando Chapter! The venue was packed with more than 100 people; Some joined us from AAF, others were Ad 2 members and, best of all, we welcomed several new faces that were enthusiastic about becoming part of the 2011-2012 Ad 2 crew.

There was also a large interest in joining committees. Eight people signed up for the Public Service committee, and several more other committees – including Socials, Public Relations/Social Media, Education, Diversity, Creative, and Membership – also engaged with potential members and encouraged involvement.

At the end of the evening, we had eight new members  and 19 signatures on committee sheets. To top it all off, the Sponsorship committee’s donated gift certificates (hat tip to Jon Herbster) and the generosity of our members helped raise approximately $250! It was a fantastic time with wonderful people. Ad 2, get ready for a great year!

If you missed the event, or the sign-up sheets — or whatever — and want to get involved, email Tiffany L. Ryan at
for more info!