Darth Vader, Disney, and metrics oh my!

Hello my fellow Ad 2ers! Did you get a chance to attend the last Ad 2 event downtown last Thursday? Whether you were unable to attend or you were struck with a sudden onset of amnesia, read on to hear how it went down:

One of the best perks of being an Ad 2 member is getting to attend all of the industry events that they host. Last week’s event was with Disney’s Yellow Shoes, the in-house creative shop for Disney, at One-Eyed Jack’s. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than learning about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a Disney campaign, while sipping on a beer and rubbing elbows with your industry peers.

Once everyone had schmoozed, we were introduced to John McCall and Matt Stewart; Copywriter and Art Director extraordinaire respectfully.

I must say, there was something in their presentation for everyone:

  • If you are a creative, you were probably interested in how they developed The Star Wars Branded Destination Experience for the Star Tours promotion.
  • If you are a copywriter, then you would have appreciated how something as uninteresting as QR code directions, were made captivating and understandable to those who interacted with the Cirque du Soleil—La Nouba campaign.
  • Media folk like me loved how TV viewers could tag commercials and promos using the Shazam app to unlock new content. This dynamic uncovered new metrics that help us to evaluate today’s interdependent relationship between TV and cellphone usage.

But that’s not all. At the end, they opened up the floor to for questions. Mike and John were asked all kinds of questions like….

  • How to get a job like theirs- Keep knocking on those doors and maintain contacts
  • How to be a better writer- You need to find your unique voice, keep it short, and make it good….. because no one wants to read advertising copy in the first place (except for us).

Suffice it to say, the night was a hit. A total of 71 people attended. I was excited to see all the fresh faces and potential members, each of whom was equally passionate about the biz. Lastly, I’m truly proud of the fact that, over and over again, I kept hearing how inviting and approachable everyone.

I love that Ad 2 Orlando is a hub for advice, camaraderie, and mentorship to Orlando advertising peeps and the community. Good job Ad 2!

Jennifer Laker
Media Coordinator at YPartnership