GAP Leading the Way

Walking through the high-fashioned Mall at Millennia located in Orlando, FL, I noticed something I had never seen before. Amongst all the storefronts and generic ads of chiseled models, one image stuck out to me. The entrance to the Gap store displayed an ad featuring a Sikh model, Waris Ahluwalia. For some it may have been just another store front ad enticing consumers with chic clothing, but for me it was much more. Gap had made a statement by choosing a religion and region of people that have rarely been represented by corporate America, let alone the fashion industry. As a Pakistani growing up in America, the Sikh religion was something I was accustomed to, but for many, there is mass confusion regarding their religion and beliefs.

As with any step forward with diversity in American society, there was backlash ready to ensue. Except in this situation, Gap decided to take their support one step further. Well done Gap, well done! Check out the article linked below and give us your thoughts!

Fawaz Zakir
Diversity Chair