Get to know Lock Your Meds

Lock Your Meds®: A Prescription For Safety

Did you know that nearly 4,000 young people begin experimenting with prescription drugs every day? America has a drug problem and the primary source of these abused drugs is not a drug dealer on the streets: its friends and family.

Lock Your Meds™ is a national multi-media campaign, developed by the National Family Partnership and designed to reduce prescription drug abuse by making adults aware that they are frequently the “unintentional suppliers” of prescription medications being misused, especially by young people. Given that 7 Floridians die each day to prescription drug overdose, this is certainly a relevant issue in our communities.

Informed Families is so grateful to Ad 2 Orlando for selecting the Lock Your Meds Campaign as its Public Service Client for this year. We look forward to working together to help the Lock Your Meds campaign put a stop to this very preventable epidemic.

Christine Stilwell

Orlando Regional Director

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership

(321) 231-0587(cell)