Getting Social with Latinos

My name is Joel A. Montilla, born to parents from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.   I serve as your Diversity Chair. This is who I am – this is my culture.

September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month – a time in which we celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of Hispanics and Latinos.

We’ve mentioned previously that Hispanics and Latinos have fast become an important consumer and so is a key objective for many companies, but tapping into this demographic has become a challenge.   (See last year’s blog on the growth rate and increased buying power of the Hispanic Consumer)

And yet still, understanding their behavior to better serve them can prove to be a valuable tool to any company.  Here are a couple of resources that will allow you to gain a competitive advantage:

#latism – Latinos in Social Media

#latism is described as: “a pioneering social media organization, Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) has been hailed as the most influential online movement in the new multicultural Web.”

This is the keyword that provides an inside look into these demographics in the online world. In addition, it serves as a great educational resource for anyone wanting to learn about this trend.

You’ll be seeing more of this hashtag in advertising publications and around you more and more as companies start to hone in on this powerful consumer.

Last, but not least, there’s a publication that Ad Age provides regarding Hispanic marketing and media which includes data and information that is critical to the success of any given advertising campaign aimed at this demographic: Hispanic Fact Pack. This publication contains information that serves as a helpful guide to any and all ad agencies, CMO’s, industry execs, and marketers looking to better understand this consumer.

We’d recommend picking up a copy.

Here’s the link:

We hope you find the information we provide in the coming months rich in information regarding the overwhelming presence in diversity in our everyday lives, and more importantly, in our profession.

Joel A. Montilla, Ad 2 Diversity Chair