The Past and the Future of Ad 2 Orlando

We bid another farewell to the year that was for Ad 2 Orlando 11′ – 12′. And as we do, we reflect on how diversity has helped this club shape up into a national powerhouse, and how it continues to educate us on the importance of being different while allowing us to channel ourselves through a creative process.

The club itself has reached numerous milestones and has set benchmarks for this up-coming year. For one, the club placed 5 books in the National Club Achievement Competition – making it the club with the most books placed in the whole country (a difficult feat in-itself). Furthermore, diversity within the membership continues to grow and it’s membership just surpassed 1,000 likes on Facebook – indicators of the value in this local club.

As far as diversity in the national competition? We placed 3rd on a national level, and 1st on the district level – both of which have set the tone for next year. This past year serves as proof of the power in diversity and further solidifies the notion that embracing diversity delivers phenomenal results.

There’s a buzz around town regarding Ad 2 Orlando’s value of connecting the brightest minds with diverse backgrounds in: graphic design, account executives, media specialist, PR professionals, artists, writers, and conceptual-thinkers – “diversity at it’s best, together in a place where we can all improve each other”. Get Involved. Make it yours.

We’re actively looking for that diverse talent to help us reach that goal and encourage anyone who might be interested in getting involved on any level to let us know.

Ad 2 Orlando has become a community leader in embracing diversity and nurturing it while continuing to learn it and educating on it – we look forward to providing you with the latest news, trends, articles, and/or videos reflecting the shift in society trends through the use of advertising.

We look forward to another award winning year! Join us!

Joel A. Montilla
Diversity Chairman