Upcoming Elections Info from Government Relations

The government relations committee wants to make sure members are informed about their right to vote this upcoming election year. Members have been asking about how to vote and what’s on the ballot. Here are the answers to all your Election Day questions. Keep in mind, Ad 2 and AAF are neither endorsing nor supporting ANY CANDIDATE in the upcoming election. Please take the time to do your own research and review the candidates before you make an important decision.

Q: When is the next election?

A: January 31st is the day that Florida gets to vote for the Presidential Primary

Q: Who gets to vote?

A: If you’re a registered REPUBLICAN, you’ll be able to vote for your choice for the Republican presidential nominee. If you’re a registered DEMOCRAT then you do not have to vote for anyone since President Obama is running for re-election and he will be the nominee for the Democratic Party.

Q: What if I’m a registered INDEPENDENT or No PARTY AFFLIATION?

A:  Check with your local supervisor of elections office to see if there is a local race in your area taking place January 31.

Q: How do I register to vote if I am not already registered?

A: Contact your local supervisor of elections and fill out a form and turn it into them no later than JANURARY 3rd Here are the links to the local supervisor of elections office:

Osceola County: http://www.voteosceola.com

Orange County: http://www.ocfelections.com

Seminole County: http://www.voteseminole.org

Q: What if I can’t make it to the polls on Election Day?

A: There are many other ways to vote rather than going to the polls on Election Day. You can early vote or request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. Contact your local supervisor of elections to get more details on where the early voting locations are or if you need to request an absentee ballot.

Q: I’m already registered, how can I change my address, name, or party affiliation?

A: Fill out a voter registration form and check off all that applies on the first line.

If you have any other Election Day questions or concerns, please contact Ad 2 Orlando’s government relations chair, Joe Culotta at Culotta@voteseminole.org