Let the Learning Begin

To Ad2ers and beyond:

We at Ad 2 Orlando thrive off of helping those in need – especially when we’re talking about those in need of advertising knowledge.

That’s why each year the Education Committee puts on the Ad 2 Orlando Mentorship Program. Not familiar? This is how it works: One seasoned professional within the Orlando advertising industry (the mentor) is paired with a less experienced inquiring mind (the mentee). Throughout the remainder of the year, the mentor will serve as the mentee’s voice of reason – offering advice, direction and of course, industry knowledge.

This past Tuesday at 6 p.m. marked the official kick-off of this year’s program. With a perfect venue (provided by Smokey Bones Fire & Grill on E. Colonial Drive) and an astonishing turn out, the mentorship event was an absolute success. People from all walks of marketing life were present: agency folk, public relations experts, graphic designers, freelancers and even professors came out to share their knowledge with the eager students and young professionals. The event garnered a total of 26 mentor/mentee pairs! That doesn’t include the wallflowers such as myself – the photographer – and the peeps running the show. (You guys rocked!) Oh, and did I mention we have even more mentors/mentees to pair up, consisting of people that couldn’t make it to the event!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let them do the talking.

So for those of you that were able to attend, this is what I captured while your brains soaked up educational nuggets – and for those of you who weren’t able to attend, this is the greatness that you missed.

Autumn Thomas
Push., Media Coordinator
Ad 2 Orlando, Socials Chair