Ahhhh, My First Time

I’ll never forget my first time.  There were a couple of beers to start it all off, the surprisingly comforting soundtrack of laughter in the background, and plenty of welcoming, friendly people to ease me in and explain how it all works…

Ad 2 Orlando’s New Year Kick Off Social was a huge success!

I chose to get fully involved with the process and take a board position on Ad 2.  Go big or go home, right?  Until this first event, most of the time I’d spent with Ad 2 was in the confines of a board room discussing what we were going to do and working in the field trying to fill sponsorship positions.  Man, was it a lot of work.  More than I’d ever seen go into a networking/volunteer group.  I’d also never seen the results of that amount of work going into a networking/volunteer group.  There’s a reason why this group won so many national awards last year!

The night started off with a couple of tasty brews from Orlando Brewing, Co. and a tour of the brewery to experience the magic of beer-making.  The Red Ale goes down nicely!  After a few short handshakes and introductions, I felt like I’d been a part of Ad2 for years.  Every member was a young professional that would like to further their career in Advertising.  They’re all employed by Central Florida’s Ad Agencies, Media Outlets, and various other types of companies that all share the same passion for Advertising.  I was able to toss around a few ideas with fellow colleagues that I never would have met without Ad 2.  It all felt more like a happy hour with friends than a networking event.

After learning about the upcoming Ad 2 Orlando season I’m excited to roll up the sleeves and get to work again, make it out to a conference and hear seminars by long-time professionals in the field, fill that warm-fuzzy void by helping out a non-profit, and come on… Kickball tournaments?  I’ll dominate a kickball tournament.

-Dave Waring, Ad 2 Orlando Sponsorship Chair, and Account Manager at WOM-XFM Mix 105.1