I’ve graduated…now what?!

Graduated. It’s an exciting feeling right? Diploma came in the mail, moved into your big-boy apartment downtown, and traded in that uniform and minimum wage for a cubicle and full-time benefits. Everything is right with the world, and the brand new environment has you floating on cloud nine for about two weeks. Then you realize, you aren’t juggling a thousand things anymore – you’re a 22-year old with free time and the feeling is wrong.

Every young Advertising professional will experience this emptiness. The key is to find an activity that will keep you sharp, involved, and connected – and I’ve found Ad 2 to meet those needs. I’m excited to be a part of an organization that is so focused on networking and engaging its members through social events, programs that include guest speakers, and volunteer activities. Being connected after college is important, and Ad 2 is great way to show you are serious about your career.

Want to get involved, too? Come and show your face on Thursday, August 23rd for our SERVE event, and check out Ad 2’s Facebook page for more information.

-Darius King Lana, Ad 2 Orlando Sponsorships Co-chair