Seeking Local Nonprofits for Pro-Bono Marketing Campaign

ORLANDO, Fla. – (July 27, 2017) Ad 2 Orlando, a division of the American Advertising Federation, is currently accepting applications for its 2017–2018 virtual agency client. The selected organization will receive a full-service, integrated marketing campaign completely pro-bono from Ad 2 Orlando’s nationally acclaimed in-house digital agency.

Ad 2 is a national organization for advertising professionals ages 18-32. Annually, dedicated volunteers and board members in each chapter join forces to create an in-house creative agency complete with a creative director, accounts director, media buyer and more. They select a local nonprofit and use their professional expertise to create a complete, strategic marketing plan tailored to the client’s goals. These campaigns are not just theoretical – they are executed and seen through to completion, with the goal of making a real difference in each local community.

Last year, Ad 2 Orlando selected Tech Sassy Girlz as its virtual agency client. Tech Sassy Girlz is a local nonprofit empowering young females to get involved in STEM careers. Together, Ad 2 Orlando and Tech Sassy Girlz strategized, designed and executed a full rebrand and awareness campaign. All promotional, marketing and sales materials were updated and creative was sent to digital, print, radio and out-of-home media partners. Billboards ran on Interstate 4, a new website was launched and radio ads played during drive-time as part of the initiative.

Upon completion of the campaign, Ad 2 Orlando spent 2,000 man-hours working to achieve over 3.5 million impressions for Tech Sassy Girlz. The total campaign is valued at $500,000.

To be considered for the 2017–2018 virtual agency campaign, organizations must fill out the online application available here or via The top six candidates will be invited to interview with Ad 2 Orlando’s in-house agency, after which a final selection will be made.

Requirements: To be eligible, nonprofits must be exempt from Federal Income Tax under Sec. 501(c)(3) or similar sect of USIR code. All applications must be received by 11:59pm EST on August 11, 2017.

About Ad 2 Orlando
Ad 2 Orlando is the local young professional division of the American Advertising Federation. We represent the future of advertising, creating a means for up-and-coming professionals in the industry to gain the contacts, education and leadership opportunities they need to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. We strive to provide educational, developmental and networking opportunities while mentoring students and providing annual advertising support to nonprofit organizations in the Orlando community.

Ad 2 Contact
Creative Director: Nick Olko
Accounts Director: Jessica Warner