Digital Media from All Angles

Our Digital Media From All Angles program was a success! With more than 100 attendees, four Orlando-based digital experts as our speakers and huge support from our sponsors, this was one of our biggest events of the year and in Ad 2 Orlando history.

The event took place on Thursday, February 21st at the new office of Purple, Rock, Scissors in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Our panel of experts included:

Michael Parler, Chief Strategy Officer, Purple, Rock, Scissors
John Payne, President, Monster Media
Mark Unger, Partner/Director of Interactive, Push.
Ted Murphy, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Izea

Our Programs chairs, Jeff Malczyk and Chris Merritt, asked a variety of questions which garnered interesting responses. Notably, digital advertising is only going to continue to grow, content is key, and it’s OK to advertise national campaigns in smaller markets.

We’re proud to host programs and feature guest speakers for the enjoyment of young professionals in the advertising industry. Ad 2 Orlando is composed of forward thinking and forward moving people looking to make a difference professionally, personally and throughout the community. It’s always great meeting people who have been members of Ad 2 Orlando for multiple years as well as non-members who are attending an event for the first time.

We would like to once again thank our sponsors: Macbeth Photography, Black Leaf Signs and PRPL. Check out the event photos from Macbeth Photography here.

*images featured in this post provided by Macbeth Photography.