A New Website for Ad 2 Orlando

The first time I went to the Ad 2 website, I learned they were in the process of re-doing it., and in the back of my head thought, “yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” 😉

Trying to be proactive in my networking, I contacted the communications committee and asked if I could help. After working with a team full of exceptional programming abilities, awesome design work and thoughtful planning, plus a writer (or three) and months of procrastination, we have done it.

I can say “we,” because, although my application to become a new member hasn’t gone through yet (the check is in the mail!), I feel a sense of triumph with my new-found friends and soon to be fellow club members. And really, this was perhaps the best way to enter into the organization; living out the club’s very purpose, truly getting a sense of what Ad 2 is all about. Working together to create something really great with other professionals in my field — who could ask for a better introduction than that?

It has been three years since the site has been updated so I hope you like what we’ve done. On behalf of Aimee Booth, Zach Firestone, Lindsey Levy, Shaun Whalen and the greatly missed Steve McCain, we’d love to know what you think. Please leave a comment!

Check out the Ad 2 Orlando Website archive to see what it used to look like.

Tristan Tolliver, SEO Copywriter