Taking advantage of professional relationships

There came a time for me (three months ago, to be exact) when I realized that although I loved my job and the talented, wonderful people I worked with, I needed more; I could use a new challenge. I was once told that even in hard times, talented people can find jobs. Over the past year, I have seen about a dozen very talented friends and co-workers lose their jobs. I agree with the advice, however, I would make some small edits.

In hard times, talented people—with connections in their profession—can find jobs much easier.

Thanks to my networking and connections made in my position as the ’09-’10 Ad 2 Orlando Socials Chair, I was able to secure a position as Lead Graphic Designer in the marketing department at Turnstile Publishing Co. During the initial interview process, I was able to call on fellow Ad 2 board members for references. Now that I have the job, I take advantage of my professional relationships when I am in need of any outside resources (freelancers, print jobs, interns).

–Jillian Baco, Ad 2 Orlando Socials Chair, and Lead Graphic Designer, Turnstile Publishing Company