Annual Ugly Sweater Cheer

When I heard about the Ugly Sweater social for Ad 2 I thought – what a fun idea.  We all get to dress and look ridiculous and it’s totally okay – and it’s not even Halloween!  The date I was bringing, a girl of course,  loaned me a sweater that was, admittedly, very ugly.  She was wearing a red wool coat that actually looked pretty good on her.  I told her she looked like she was going to a nice Christmas party, not an Ugly Sweater social.  I suggested we trade, so she could have a truly ugly sweater and I could sort of cross dress and look silly.  Well as ugly as cross dressing can be, I was definitely in the spirit of the social.  I didn’t intend on
being competitive in the contest, but once we realized the genius in my costume we started lobbying and charming the other people at the social for bows (they are like your score – more bows = win).  I thought I had it won, but another competitor who had won second last year came prepared to win this time.  Still, getting second place on a last minute idea was pretty fun.  The people I got to meet at the social were all really cool and nice, and what a great time!  I’ll definitely be there
next year again, with my own ugly sweater.  Hopefully the tradition of second place winning the next year stays true.

Cliff Steinhauer, Account Representative, Progressive Communications