Kickstart Networking with Kickball

I can’t tell you how excited our team was to participate in the 2009 Ad2 Orlando Kickball tourney. I take that back, sure I can. We were planning our player names even before we paid our fees. Talking about it for weeks before the big game. Stressing about ‘wiffing’ when it came time to step up to the plate. All that preparation went a long way in helping my team, Team Italy, clench the 2009 title.

All companies represented by Team Italy (including Progressive Communications, Fry Hammond Bar and WOAMTEC) are enjoying quality time with the golden kickball and looking forward to a repeat in 2010.

Most of Team Italy included employees of Progressive Communications, a central Florida¬†based¬†commercial printing company that¬†also offers¬†graphic design and direct mail services. And though most participating Progressive Communications employees were not members of Ad2, I can tell you that¬†just one night of kickin’ it old school via kickball will probably change that. Who knew young advertising professionals in Orlando were so¬†hot?!?! (OK, and passionate about their work.)

Check out picture’s of the event. and look for me! The back of my shirt says “Picatta.”

Thanks Ad 2, we had a blast!

Kali Keenan, Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter, Progressive Communications

A great time!