Ad 2 Orlando Blog: What to expect

Well, here you have it folks — the first official blog for Ad 2 Orlando – Young professionals in the advertising, marketing, public relations, design and interactive industries. Ad 2 Orlando is different from many other organizations and we wanted the first blog to represent what it is that makes us unique.

As an organization, we do a lot more than a couple socials and some educational programs.  We give young professionals the opportunity to get ahead of the game and take responsibility for their career.  It’s a dog eat dog world, and Ad 2 Orlando provides our membership with the chance to get ahead.  

We have several different committees that allow all different levels of commitment including: Membership, Communications, Public Relations, Programs, Socials, Education, Government Relations, Sponsorship, Diversity, and Public Service.  As this blog continues to grow and expand, there will be posts from the chairs of these different committees, who span several different industries, have different views, interests and information to offer.

No matter what your level of interest is, there is a place for you in Ad 2 Orlando. And if there’s not a place, this organization is set up to evolve and create one.

Please RSS our blog and keep up to date with what’s going on within our organization, and if you really want to keep up to date — become a member.  Ad 2 Orlando: Make It Your Own.