Media Auction Items

This year’s auction items have been generously donated by the companies below. They will be auctioned off at a fraction of the price to help local nonprofits and small businesses grow and flourish. Learn more about each company and what they’re donating.

78 Madison: Eblast Development

Item Name: Full Eblast Development

Value: $850.00

Item Description: 78Madison will create, develop and distribute an eblast to your organization's mailing list. Our full creative department will design an eblast that will engage your audience, leading them to a clear call-to-action. Once completed, our interactive department will distribute it electronically to your list.

Job will include:

  • Job input/direction from client
  • Art/Design/Layout
  • Copywriting
  • Approval process, which will include up to 2 rounds of revisions
  • Upon approval, convert to HTML – Coding
  • E-blast testing to ensure there are no issues
  • Distribution to client's list.
Clear Channel Outdoor: Billboards

Item Name: 15 Billboards for 4 Weeks

Value: $10,000.00

Item Description: The showing consists of fifteen poster billboards distributed throughout the metro Orlando market for one 4-week period. Clear Channel Outdoor will provide the services of our Creative and Marketing Department to concept and design the artwork for the campaign.

Cru 360 Creative: VR 360 Private Workshop / Training

Item Name: VR 360 Private Workshop / Training

Value: $500.00

Item Description: You and a group of four from your company will attend a private 3-hour workshop on VR 360 filming. We'll give an overview of VR and how it's being used today in advertising and digital marketing. We will train you how to use two sets of VR 360 camera setups (Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K and Freedom GoPro 360). We will demonstrate with you how to use the camera and walk you through both editing software packages and allow you to produce your own 360 film clip for your business or non-profit. Click here for more information.

CT Social: Messaging Workshop

Item Name: 3-Hour Messaging Workshop

Value: $3,500.00

Item Description: Is your marketing accomplishing your goals? Do you feel like your communications just aren't cutting it? In one three-hour session, a CT Social audience & messaging workshop will help you cut through the noise and define the most important focus points for your marketing efforts. You'll gain a more in-depth understanding of who your audiences are; what is important to them; where they want to receive communications; and what messages will help you connect with them.

Evōk Advertising: SEO Advanced Audit

Item Name: SEO Advanced Audit

Value: $500.00

Item Description: Did you know that Google has over 200 search engine ranking factors? Let us help you make sense out of the confusion and lay out a road map for future online success!

Evok Advertising will donate two (2) hours of our SEO team’s time to conduct an in-depth and practical SEO audit of your site. In this audit, we will help you identify problems which might be impacting your business’s online presence and help you discover unique opportunities to set yourself apart from your competition, build your brand and boost your business in the rankings. Most importantly, you will receive straight forward guidance and recommendations from our experienced team of leaders on what next steps you should take to continue the success of your site.

See you in the search engines!

Evōk Advertising: Social Media Audit

Item Name: Two-Hour Social Media Audit

Value: $500.00

Item Description: Social media drives much of the success businesses can experience in the digital landscape. Without a well-thought out strategy, you run the risk of getting left out of the customers’ conversation. That’s where we can help…

Evok Advertising will donate two (2) hours of our social media team’s time and expertise to provide a customized session covering relevant topics, including:

  • A comprehensive audit of your current social media presence with enhancements tips.
  • Basic setup tips for major social media platforms.
  • Current best practices, content strategy tips and general direction toward a better social media experience.
  • We will first have an exploratory phone call and then prepare and schedule your social strategy session.
Institute of Aesthetic Surgery: Botox

Item Name: Up to 50 free units of Botox

Value: $600.00

Item Description: Botox is the only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows and crow's feet in adults. Treatment is performed by our Certified PA.

Institute of Aesthetic Surgery: HydraFacial Treatment

Item Name: Signature HydraFacial MD Treatment

Value: $199.00

Item Description: The Signature HydraFacial MD Treatment is a facial treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Includes manual extractions and a mini complimentary LED Light Therapy treatment.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice: Gift Card

Item Name: $25 Gift Card

Value: $25.00

Item Description: Jeremiah's gift cards are your license to chill! This $25 reloadable gift card can be used at any of our 11 Central Florida locations.

Limo Cycle Tours: Private Tour

Item Name: Private Weekday Tour

Value: $350.00

Item Description: The Limo Cycle is a 15 passenger, pedal-powered tour bus based in Sanford, Florida. Private tours can be anything you’d like them to be. You can dress in themed costumes, play your own games, see the sights, stop for a drink, grab some grub, or just pedal around town. If you’re celebrating an event, or special occasion a private Limo Cycle Tour is a great venue for your party.

Nathalia Bailey Consulting: Blog Post Creation

Item Name: Blog Post Creation

Value: $400.00

Item Description: One 750-1000 word blog post on a topic of your choosing for your site! Research included. See for examples.

Nathalia Bailey Consulting: Disney World Ticket

Item Name: Disney World Ticket

Value: $115.00

Item Description: One one-day ticket to any Disney park!

Nathalia Bailey Consulting: One-Page Website Creation

Item Name: One-Page Website Creation

Value: $1,000.00

Item Description: One page informational website representing your business or nonprofit. Email newsletter sign up and social media links included. See for examples.

Orlando Repertory Theatre - Play Vouchers

Item Name: 2 Ticket Vouchers

Value: $100.00

Item Description: Two tickets to any show in Orlando REP's 2018-2019 Season, 5:30pm Sunday showtimes only.

Orlando Repertory Theatre - Play Vouchers

Item Name: 2 Ticket Vouchers

Value: $100.00

Item Description: Two tickets to any show in Orlando REP's 2018-2019 Season, 5:30pm Sunday showtimes only.

Orlando Solar Bears: Tickets

Item Name: 4 Gold Seat Tickets for the Orlando Solar Bears

Value: $208.00

Item Description: One gift certificate for 4 Gold Seat Tickets (first 2 rows along the glass). The Orlando Solar Bears hockey team is the ECHL affiliate of the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and plays at Amway Center in downtown Orlando.

Orlando Weekly: 1 Dedicated E-Blast

Item Name: 1 Dedicated E-Blast

Value: $1,500.00

Item Description: (1) Dedicated e-blast, can be used anytime within the year.

Orlando Weekly: 1 Full Page

Item Name: 1 Full Page

Value: $1,995.00

Item Description: (1) Full Page that can be used anytime throughout the year EXCEPT for special issues. It can be broken it up into half or quarter page ads.

REDBiRD Printing: Print Run of 500 Flyers

Item Name: Print Run of 500 Flyers

Value: $155.00

Item Description: Print run of (500) 8.5” x 11” double-sided flyers, full-color.

That Company: SEO Comprehensive Analysis

Item Name: SEO Comprehensive Analysis

Value: $895.00

Item Description: Complete initial analysis package includes:

  • Up to 300 Keywords and Keyword Phrases Reported
  • Initial Website SEO Analysis Report
  • Initial Ranking (Benchmark) Report
  • Initial Competitive Intelligence Analysis Report
  • 60 Min. Phone Consulting
Trippyville Art: Painting

Item Name: Original Painting

Value: $300.00

Item Description: A Broadway-themed canvas piece made especially for this event.

Wagner: Lab360°

Item Name: Lab360°

Value: $7,500.00

Item Description: Lab360° takes clients through a collaborative and strategic development program in order to arrive at an honest assessment of their business problems and opportunities, dissect and analyze their brand, review current and upcoming products, and conduct a deep audience and market immersion. The results from this 6-step program are the precursor to the development of a marketing communications plan.

6-Step Program Details:

  1. Audience Immersion. Through a mix of research tools and resources, we carefully analyze the audience datadown to the individuals within carefully segmented groups. In doing so, we learn all thatwe need to know about the audience down to their unique behaviors and interests. This allows us to build a profile of the individuals with great accuracy and personal familiarity.
  2. Market Immersion. As with the previous audience immersion step, we conduct the same process to immerse ourselves in the details of the market where our audience lives, works and plays. We consider neighborhoods and analyze their unique characteristics. That information together with the audience immersion data, allows us to start building a framework of what the communities look and feel like.
  3. Trends & Culture. In addition to audience and marketing immersion data, it’s vital that we include a deep understanding of the trends that affect these communities, their people, and their culture. We start with micro-segmented data and cross reference it with trend analysis.
  4. Humanization. Through several studies, we know that brands have the greatest success connecting with their intended audience when they exhibit human characteristics. This is because it’s natural for human beings to develop relationships with other human beings. We break down the brand and its messaging to humanistic traits.
  5. Sociocultural Anthropology. We carefully examine our strategic approach under an anthropological microscope and, in some cases, challenge the other steps based on what’s uncovered. Specifically, we look at how people, cultures, linguistics, and behaviors are evolving and fine tune our decisions around messaging, contact, and motivations accordingly.
  6. Influencer Reach. Within the strategy, we seek to identify the key influencers within the audience micro-segments in order to breed word of mouth (WOM) amplification in support of other marketing efforts.
Your Logo by Geiger: Branded Pens

Item Name: 300 Branded Bic Lyric Pens

Value: $171.00

Item Description: Enjoy the gripping design of this promo pen for your company or organization. The retractable pen is made of plastic with a contoured barrel. It features chrome accents and metallic looking colors as well as a clip with a distinguished design.

Black only, medium point, one-color imprint.