Do good.

Public Service

The Ad 2 commitment to public service is one of the qualities that sets Ad 2 apart from other industry-related organizations.

What is Public Service?

Each year, the Ad 2 Orlando Virtual Agency provides a free full-service Marketing campaign to a nonprofit in the Central Florida area. Once a client is selected, the public service virtual agency researches, plans, and creates a campaign for the selected nonprofit. The campaign is then presented at a national level, competing against other Ad 2 clubs from around the country.

If you would like to join the Virtual Agency and give back to the Orlando community, please fill out our form and let us know what committee you’d like to volunteer for!

Current Campaign:

Collegiate Pathways – Tech Sassy Girlz

Past Campaigns include:

2015-2016: Fairways for Warriors – 3rd Place*
2014-2015: Save the Manatee’s Club
2013-2014: Ribbon Riders
2012-2013: Lock your Meds – 3rd Place*
2011-2012: Seminole Safe House

*Placed in the top three at Nationals

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