Do good.

Public Service

Public Service is not just a phrase. It’s a nationwide commitment to the betterment of our communities through passionate volunteerism of our expertise, skills, and resources that makes the difference for local non-profit organizations who need a little help telling their extraordinary stories.

It’s one of the qualities that set Ad 2 apart from other advertising-related organizations. For more than 40 years, Ad 2 chapters from around the country have donated holistic advertising and marketing campaigns for those doing meaningful work for important causes and changing lives.

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What is Public Service?

research the client’s needs, and use their professional expertise to create a complete, strategic marketing plan tailored to that client’s goals. Then, Ad 2 members execute that plan by creating television, radio, print, outdoor, social media, and interactive advertising elements. Some campaigns also include logo design, production of collateral materials and public relations initiatives.

The result? Hundreds of thousands of dollars in media value and donated services every year. These are real results for real clients. Just take a look at our numbers from our 2016-2017 client, Tech Sassy Girlz –

  • Estimated Campaign Value: $500,000
  • Earned & Donated Media Value: $150,000+
  • Hours donated by Ad 2: 2,000+

Then we take it a step further. Each year, Ad 2 chapters compete in the Ad 2 Public Service Advertising Competition, pitting the local campaigns against one another as a way to inspire each other and continually improve upon our work.

Current Campaign:

Applications to become our 2017-2018 virtual agency client are live. Apply today!

Past Campaigns include:

2016-2017: Tech Sassy Girlz – 2nd Place*
2015-2016: Fairways for Warriors – 3rd Place*
2014-2015: Save the Manatee’s Club
2013-2014: Ribbon Riders
2012-2013: Lock your Meds – 3rd Place*
2011-2012: Seminole Safe House

*Placed in the top three at the Ad 2 National Competition