Media Auction – Flash Sale Items 2016

Don’t let this year’s media auction items go to waste. Be the first person to email our media auction director with the name of the item you want and it’s yours! Item pricing and information is listed below in each drop-down.

78Madison - Full Eblast Development and Distribution

Item Name: Full Eblast Development and Distribution

Value: $2,500.00

Cost: $450.00

Item Description: 78Madison will create, develop and distribute an eblast to your organization's mailing list. Our full creative department will design an eblast that will engage your audience while leading them to a clear call-to-action, and our interactive department will distribute it electronically to your list.

aXis Magazine & Events - Half Page Advertisement


Item Name: aXis Magazine Advertisement (Half Page)

Value: $500.00

Cost: $80.00

Item Description: Advertising in aXis Magazine, Orlando's longest running entertainment media source. Distribution includes over 200 locations throughout Orlando, along with direct mailbox subscribership to over 3,500 apartments in the UCF area with more than 10,000 students. Check out for info on concerts, sports, beerfest and more!

CT Social - Two-hour Consultation


Item Name: One (1) two-hour consultation with CT Social

Value: $500.00

Cost: $40.00

Item Description: Have a thorny marketing problem you need to unravel? Feel like you need an outsider's perspective on your strategic or creative challenges? Sit down for a two-hour session on any marketing topics of your choosing with Greg Trujillo and Carolyn Capern of CT Social, the senior social media strategists on the Rethink Homelessness campaign.

Curley & Pynn Public Relations & Marketing Communications - 2-hour Discovery Session


Item Name: Discovery session with Curley & Pynn senior leadership (2 hours)

Value: $5,000.00

Cost: $300.00

Item Description: Curley & Pynn believes public relations and marketing communications strategy is driven by four simple questions: Who do you want to communicate with? What do they know about you? What do you want them to know? What do you want them to do? We’ll collaborate with you to determine the answers, so you can chart the best course of action and make wise decisions with a limited communications budget.

FLBlogCon - 2-Hour Consult


Item Name: 2-Hour Consult

Value: $150.00

Cost: $40.00

Item Description: A 2-hour consult with Bess Auer, the founder of the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference (FLBlogCon) and one of Central Florida's most influential Twitter accounts. Bess will be happy to do a general consult on 1) using social media, 2) engaging with online influencers, or 3) strategizing a specific social media campaign.

Laughing Samurai - Website Analysis / SEO Consult

Item Name: Website Analysis / SEO Consult

Value: $5,000.00

Cost: $350.00

Item Description: This analysis includes a website audit and a 1-hour consultation including a full review of your website content, a technical SEO site audit, and a review offsite indicators, resulting in a list of recommended action steps for improving website traffic.

Palm Springs Printing - Offset / Digital Printing


Item Name: Printing Services

Value: $150.00

Cost: $20

Item Description: Offset or Digital Printing

ProductionHUB - Headhunting Service

Item Name: Personalized headhunting service and consultation

Value: $300.00

Cost: $60.00

Item Description: Are you looking for to hire someone in the content creation/marketing/advertising industry? Let ProductionHUB help you! In addition to a featured job posting, you'll get lunch with Grace Love, the Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Recruitment Solutions at ProductionHUB, to offer a personalized headhunting service to meet the needs of your open position.

That Company - SEO Analysis


Item Name: SEO Comprehensive Analysis

Value: $895.00

Cost: $250.00

Item Description: Complete Initial Analysis Package

    • Up to 300 Keywords and Keyword Phrases Reported
    • Initial Website SEO Analysis Report
    • Initial Ranking (Benchmark) Report
    • Initial Competitive Intelligence Analysis Report
    • 60 Min. Phone Consulting
WKMG News 6 - Market Research and Consultation


Item Name: Complimentary Market Research and Creative Brand Strategy Consultation

Value: $1,500.00

Cost: $130.00

Item Description: Comprehensive analyses of current industry trends and market activity including a thorough evaluation of the client's and top 5 competitor's online presence and media spending in the Central Florida DMA. This research paired with the client's vision and overall goals moving into 2017 will be utilized to draw up a fitting creative brand strategy and media recommendation.