eCommerce Operations and Supply Chain Director


InstaNatural is seeking an eCommerce Operations and Supply Chain Director to manage key supply chain logistics and omnichannel initiatives. The eCommerce Operations and Supply Chain Director will help conceive of ideas, execute them, ensure their scalability and strategic effectiveness, and measure impact through sales, customer satisfaction, expense reduction and other key performance indicators. A key component of this process will be determining the key operations needs considering new retail channel expansion, prioritizing the projects that will have the most significant short- and long-term impact.


•Has an absurdly high standard for their work
•Intuitively parallel’s the company’s goals as their own,
•Is personally growth-minded
•Operates with excitement and high energy about building an amazing business
•Believes that their career is their main platform to use their unique gifts and abilities

•Assess and develop strategies around supply chain logistics and omnichannel initiatives that address short-term needs in each market while supporting a longer-term strategy
•Within supply chain logistics, build scalable infrastructure that provides a strong customer experience (reliable, short time-in-transit) while keeping a keen eye on expense reduction (via network strategy and technology utilization); conduct RFP process as required
•Within omnichannel, review channel go-to-market vendor needs and execute initiatives that exceed customer expectations, with focus on both quick short-term wins (i.e., new ecommerce expansion) and longer-term transformational customer experiences (i.e., retail distribution, click and collect)
•Take a customer-centric approach to all initiatives, questioning assumptions and convention. Consider the business needs for the next 6-12 months vs the next 2-3 years, and builds towards that goal.
•Align goals and incentives across different functions, with focus operations, product, customer solutions and marketing to gather input from these teams as strategy is developed and anticipate impact on their teams
•Conduct basic financial analyses to understand required investment, ROI, break-even points, etc. at the initiative level (assortment, unit/configuration, channel opportunities, etc)


•8-10 years of retail or consumer goods operations experience; online/eCommerce experience a must; strong preference for offline (bricks and mortar) experience as well
•Experience within multiple operations functions, with focus on supply chain logistics, customer service/experience and omnichannel execution
•Strategic thinker with excellent problem solving and project management skills
•Basic financial skills to quantify expenses, understand return on investment, etc.
•Anticipate customer needs and monitor competitive landscape, especially with respect to operations initiatives and new, emerging practices
•Basic software systems knowledge and the ability to lead technically-driven conversation around channel integration and requirements
•Ecommerce shipping/logistics software. Shipping API’s
•Shipping API’s
•Rate negotiating Education:

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