Programs & Socials

Our programs committee plans educational and social programming throughout the club year. They work on recruiting guest speakers and securing venue and event details for the club. They also work on planning and implementing at least 4 programs throughout the year. Our programs chairs are very active roles that help make sure our events go smoothly. If you have a passion for throwing parties, networking with influencers, and educating people, we need you! Head over to our contact page and get in touch with them.

  • Helenn Bustillo

    Helenn Bustillo

    Programs Chair

    • Current Job

      Assistant Account Executive, 78Madison

    • Hometown

      Cartagena, Colombia

    • College/University

      University of Central Florida

    Memorable Ad 2 Moment

    The very first networking event I attended. I met a couple of really cool girls there, I was brand new in the industry (still kind of am), and the event as well as the people made me excited about my field and my future.