Ahead of the curve or a long time coming?

Target’s latest campaign is literally “without translation!” The “Sin Traducción” campaign is Target’s bold move to reach Hispanic consumers on a more emotional level. This progressive campaign features Spanish words and moments that simply can’t be translated into English. The Spanish words “arrullo” and “sobremesa” are the stars in the launch spots that are currently … Continue reading “Ahead of the curve or a long time coming?”

Ad 2 2016 Election Guide

The government relations committee wants to make sure members are informed about their right to vote this upcoming election year. Members have been asking about how to vote and what’s on the ballot. Here are the answers to all your Election Day questions. Keep in mind, Ad 2 and AAF are neither endorsing nor supporting … Continue reading “Ad 2 2016 Election Guide”

The Photoshop Controversy

A big issue starting to get some attention as of late is Photoshopping. We’ve all seen the magazines with gorgeous, airbrushed, touched up people gracing the covers and pages. Some members of Congress have started to take notice of the issue with Photoshopping and how it can seriously distort the publics image of how and … Continue reading “The Photoshop Controversy”

The Do’s and Don’ts for using Social Media for Small Business

Many small businesses may hesitate to use social media for fear of making mistakes in an environment they’re unfamiliar with. However, you shouldn’t let that fear keep you from using social media to build your company’s brand. Social media is a powerful tool that is virtually essential for any growing business to reach new prospects … Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts for using Social Media for Small Business”

GAP Leading the Way

Walking through the high-fashioned Mall at Millennia located in Orlando, FL, I noticed something I had never seen before. Amongst all the storefronts and generic ads of chiseled models, one image stuck out to me. The entrance to the Gap store displayed an ad featuring a Sikh model, Waris Ahluwalia. For some it may have … Continue reading “GAP Leading the Way”

Legislative Alert: Advertising Tax Deductions

Washington DC’s government shutdown will be over before you know it and with a $17 trillion debt, tax reform is one of the first things Congress is expected to tackle. While there are no official proposals on paper, American Advertising Federation’s National leadership and other advertising advocacy groups are proactively speaking out against ANY proposal … Continue reading “Legislative Alert: Advertising Tax Deductions”

Diversity in Advertising

First I’d like to introduce myself and give you a little background information. My name is Fawaz Zakir, I am your Ad 2 Diversity Chair for the 2013-14 board year. I was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Pakistani parents and moved to Orlando, FL at the age of two. Growing up I was never … Continue reading “Diversity in Advertising”